Completed PhD, Master and Bachelor Theses on medical Applications of Particle Physics

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PhD theses

Tommaso Stefano Carzaniga (2019), Study of Scandium Radio-isotope Production for Theranostics with Medical Cyclotrons

Konrad Pawel Nesteruk (2017), A New System for Online Measurement of the Beam Emittance of Particle Accelerators for Research and medical Applications

Martina Bucciantonio (2015, in collaboration with CERN), Development of an advanced proton range radiography system for hadrontherapy

Francesco Paolo La Torre (2014, in collaboration with CERN), Study of induced radioactivity in Proton Accelerator facilities

Clizia Tecla Severino (2014, in collaboration with CERN), Real-time measurements of radon activity and mixed radiation fields characterization with silicon pixel detector

Master theses

Diana Wüthrich (2018), Study of 68-Ga production with a solid target at a medical cyclotron

Maria Antonietta Gilio (2017, in collaboration with University of Pisa), A very short beam line for a medical PET cyclotron

Gamze Sökmen (2017, in collaboration with Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara), Cross-section measurements of Sc-43 and V-48 produced at the Bern medical cyclotron

Yves Bandi (2016), Study of the transverse beam emittence of the Bern medical cyclotron in the pA range

Elena Kirillova (2015), Study and test of a Beam Monitor Detector for the Bern Medical Cyclotron

Maryam Mostafaei (2015), Measurement of Sc-43 production cross section with a medical cyclotron

Kevin Zihlmann (2015), Study of the Transverse Beam Emittance of the Medical Cyclotron at the University of Bern

Marcel Häberli (2014), Beam Diagnostics and Characterization of a Medical Cyclotron Transport Line

Bachelor theses

Andreas Gsponer (2019), Development and first test of a novel three-dimensional beam monitor

Melina Lüthi (2019), Measurement of the Beam Energy Distribution of a Medical Cyclotron Using a Low Density Wedge-Shaped Passive Absorber and Radiochromic Films

Fiona Bär (2018), A Compact Apparatus to Measure Beta Radioactivity in Air with Gamma Compensation

Luca Ramseyer (2018), Measurement of the beam energy distribution of the Bern medical cyclotron

Meinrad Schefer (2018), Study of a novel two-dimensional online beam monitoring detector

Matthias Schmid (2018), Development and Optimization of a Two-Dimensional Beam Monitoring Detector at the Bern Medical Cyclotron Laboratory

Noëlle Harte (2017), Development of a Portable Apparatus to Measure Radioactivity in Air

Nils Kipfer (2016), Study of 41Ar production by neutrons in air at the Bern medical cyclotron

Diana Wüthrich (2016), Study of a novel compact beam line at a medical cyclotron

Yves Bandi (2015), Study of optical fibers as beam monitoring detectors for high currents

Christa Biberstein (2015), Messung des Strahlengangs eines Protonenstrahls in der Luft

Raphael Blümli (2015), Proton Radiography: a novel approach based on multiple scattering assessment using nuclear emulsion films

Francesca Stocker (2015), Measurement of the maximum beam energy of the Bern medical cyclotron

Dario Modica (2014), Study of the beam characteristics of the new Bern medical cyclotron for radioisotope production

Terence Risse (2014), Tritium, a danger for the human body: hunting for traces at the Bern medical cyclotron

Kevin Zihlmann (2014), Study of Radioactive Isotope Production by 15 MeV Protons in Air

Steve Wenger (2014), Studie über die Neutronenstrahlung und die Kalibrierung einer Neutronensonde am Zyklotron in Bern