Development of novel detectors for particles and radiation

Members of the Bern group have large experience in the field of particle detectors. This includes knowledge on tracking devices, on calorimetry, on cryogenic detectors, on high-resolution emulsion films, on imaging detectors, etc. Synergy of different known detector technologies leads to the development of novel detectors with improved and often unprecedented characteristics. This motivates our interest in continuing along this line of research aiming at proposing, designing, realizing and operating powerful tools for future particle physics experiments.

Among present activities of the group are:

  • Development of advanced cryogenic TPC based on Liquid Argon for experimental particle physics
  • Development of advanced tracking detectors based on scintillators
  • Development of test gamma source facility based on 2 MeV proton RFQ LINAC
  • Development of high-resolution silicon pixel detectors