Medical Applications

Research on medical applications of particle physics is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Saverio Braccini and is centred on the medical cyclotron in operation at the Bern University Hospital (Inselspital). This accelerator provides 18 MeV proton beams of variable intensity and is equipped with a Beam Transfer Line (BTL) with independent access to the beam area for multidisciplinary scientific developments. The facility is conceived to perform industrial routine production of radiopharmaceuticals and academic research in parallel.

Our group pursues several research lines based on particle accelerators and detectors for medical applications. The production of novel radioisotopes for diagnostics and therapy (theranostics) is studied, in particular using solid targets. The cyclotron is used for radiation hardness experiments for high-energy physics and space missions. Developments on fundamental physics, radiation protection and particle therapy are also performed.

The medical cyclotron in operation at the Bern University hospital (Inselspital) with its characteristic research Beam Transfer Line (BTL).