Study Programs

The Laboratory for High Energy Physics is regularly co-/responsible for the bachelor and master courses listed below. For further details please consult the Core Teaching System (KSL) of the University of Bern and the factsheets concerning the particular programs.

  • Physik 2  -  Prof. Piegsa and Prof. Stocker
  • Physik 2 für Biochemie, Chemie und Pharmazie - Dr. Putschert, Prof. Braccini
  • Elementary Particle Physics  -  Prof. Weber
  • Experimentalphysik für Studierende der Biologie und der Erdwissenschaften  -  Prof. Fröhlicher, PD Rubin, Prof. Weber
  • Physikalisches Praktikum für Studierende mit Hauptfach Biologie  -  NN
  • Specialist Course: Particle Physics I  -  PD Beck, NN
  • Specialist Course: Particle Physics II  -  Prof. Piegsa, Prof. Weber
  • Specialist Course: Introduction to Medical Radiation Physics  -  Prof. Scampoli, PD Braccini
  • Cosmology: Prof. Falanga, Prof. Braccini, Prof. Piegsa, Prof. Weber