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Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics


AEC Graduate Course - Monte Carlo Simulations

This experimentally oriented course is part of the AEC graduate program. It will take place in block-course format in the week from Monday 18.01. to Friday 22.01.2016 at 10:15 in B78.

18.01.Introduction: Random numbers, MC generators (cp)
19.01.Geant4 detector modelling and background simulations (mvs)
20.01.Neutrino generators (cw)
21.01.High energy physics generators (ac)
22.01.Simulation of cosmics (ik)

Lecturers: Alberto Cervelli (ac)
Igor Kreslo (ik)
Ciro Pistillo (cp)
Moritz von Sivers (mvs)
Callum Wilkinson (cw)
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