Fundamental Neutron Physics

The Fundamental Neutron Physics Group of Prof. Florian Piegsa develops new experiments and scientific methods in the laboratories at the University of Bern and performs measurements at international neutron research facilities.

We are using cold and ultracold neutrons to investigate the fundamental properties of the neutron itself. Hereby, we develop and employ highly sensitive devices and installations in order to search for signals of new physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. This represents important complementary science with respect to ongoing high-energy particle physics activities. Currently, we are involved in three low-energy neutron particle physics experiments - two of them have the goal to search for a neutron electric dipole moment (EDM) and the third one intends to measure the neutron electric charge.

Fundamenatal Neutron Physics Group as of September 2018


Our research currently receives funding via the Swiss National Science Foundation (grant numbers PP00P2_163663 and 200021_181996) and the European Research Council (project name: BEAM-EDM under ERC Grant Agreement number 715031).

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