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Personal Page of Antonio Ereditato

Prof. Dr. Antonio Ereditato
Director of LHEP

office: ExWi 138
phone: +41 31 631 8566

Involved in: ATLAS, T2K, OPERA, Cryogenic Noble Gas TPC, Novel Detectors for particles and radiation, AEgIS, MicroBooNE, NA61, Medical Applications of Particle Physics, Physics Application in Security, ArgoNeuT, LEM

I got my PhD in 1987 at the University of Napoli with a thesis on experimental neutrino physics. I had positions in Strasbourg, CERN, Nagoya and INFN Napoli, before moving to Bern in 2006 as Full Professor of Experimental Particle Physics and Director of LHEP. My research activity included so far experiments on hadronic dimuon production, neutrino electron scattering, neutrino oscillation physics, high-energy proton-proton collisions and low energy antimatter, conducted at CERN, LNGS, Fermilab and J-PARC. I have been Spokesperson of the OPERA experiment at LNGS. I worked in the development of novel particle detectors: wire chambers, fiber calorimeter, capillary detectors, emulsion detectors, liquid Argon TPCs. I am author of more than 500 scientific publications out of which several review articles, and presented over 30 invited papers to International Conferences. I have been or I am presently member of international scientific committees: LHCC, CNGS, SPSC at CERN, PAC at JINR Dubna, and served in Advisory or Organization Committees of International Conferences (e.g. CALOR and NEUTRINO series). I have been editor of the New Journal of Physics and referee of various international physics journals. As far as peer reviewing activities are concerned, I served in the INTAS proposal committee, the Italian Research Ministry evaluation committee, the European Research Council, etc. In Switzerland I have been in the Executive Committee of CHIPP and currently member of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Council. So far, I have been supervisor of more than 40 Master and PhD students.

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