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Located at Fermilab, the MicroBooNE collaboration has built a 100 ton liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LArTPC) aligned along the Booster neutrino beam. The experiment will measure low energy neutrino cross sections, and investigate the low energy excess event observed by the MiniBooNE experiment. The detector was put into operation in summer 2015, a recorded candidate neutrino event is depicted below.

The detector itself serves as the necessary next step in a phased program towards the construction of massive, kilo-ton range, LArTPC detectors. So far the Bern MicroBooNE group participates in:

  • Design and construction of a UV-laser based electric-field monitoring system, which is also capable of measuring liquid argon purity
  • R&D studies of a high voltage feedthrough
  • Preparation of the data analysis and simulations

An example laser induced track in the MicroBooNE detector is shwon below. The laser track can be identified by the endpoint on the cathode (larger charge visible at the top of the image) and the absence of charge fluctuations along the track.

Optical Table for UV laser - CAD (left) and real setup (right)

Moveable cold mirror - CAD (left) and real setup (right)

Laser path in the moveable feed through - CAD (left) and real setup (right)

Different views of the UV laser feed through - CAD (above) and real setup (below)

Small LAr TPC for the feed through test

LAr TPC images of different UV laser paths

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